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Financing With Simply Yachts

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At Simply Yacht Sales, we use the best and most efficient financing companies in the yachting industry, among them is YachtCloser Financial. YachtCloser Financial provides specialized financial services for boat and yacht buyers. Whether you are purchasing a new boat or used boat, we work with them to find the best loan program to meet your needs. With exceptional service and integrated solutions, Simply Yachts and YachtCloser make the approval, deal coordination and closing process extremely simple!


Financial Services

Providing specialized financial services for boats and yachts.  Whether you desire a small runabout, a sailing vessel, or a larger motor yacht, we have the best loan programs to meet your needs. 


Simple Closings

Our integration with the industries largest transactional database for brokerage, YachtCloser allows us to instantly communicate and provide necessary documents to simplify your closing.



Our experienced team of finance professionals will coordinate all elements of closing, including state title, coast guard documentation, insurance, and settlement services.


About Boat Loans

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the typical down payment for a boat loan?

A typical down payment is 15%- 20% - however, each lender varies based on loan amount and collateral value.

2. How long can I finance a boat?

Fixed rate program Term limits vary based on loan amount. Typically loan amounts over $50k can go to 15-20 years and loan amounts under $50k can go to 12-15 years.

3. How long does the approval process take?

Once your loan officer has a complete package including a signed loan application and financials, a bank decision will take 1-4 days.

4. How long are rates locked?

Most lenders lock rates for 30-60 days.

5. Do I have to have a boat or can I get a pre-approval?

Most lenders require a boat for an approval decision due to the LTV element, however, we can provide pre-approval based on financials and credit analysis.

6. What is your best rate?

We have a wide variety of lenders and will shop the best rate to fit your application, however, rates are based on several criteria:


  • Credit score

  • Loan amount

  • Down payment

  • Loan term

  • Age of the vessel

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