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We'll Be by Your Side Every Step of the Way

Our sales team assists every single client, every step of the way, from the first phone call, through the end of closing. We'll sit down with you and listen to what you want and need. One of the most crucial factors in selling a boat or yacht is pricing it correctly. We will show you sales trends and comparables to give you the best idea on how to price your vessel. We'll also show you what your boat has been selling for and what is has sold for in the past and what we believe the market demands. When its all said and done, most brokers receive their commission and expect a call from you in a few years when its time for you to buy or sell again, but not us. At Simply Yachts we want to keep assisting you and build a long lasting relationship. Whether is assisting you with our knowledge or repairs, from maintenance to captain services, we stick with you.

Customer satisfaction & simplicity are our two main goals at Simply Yacht Sales.  While many other brokerage firms and dealers believe that more is better, quality over quantity makes for longer-lasting and more trustworthy relationships.

Simply Yachts is proud to have the most  dedicated brokers in the industry on your side. Our team consists of professionals with backgrounds in yacht management, captaining, safety, finance, marketing, and dealership management.  You can rest assured your hard-earned assets will be represented properly by trained and educated associates. Above all, we strive to make the process simple.

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